Four Crucial Reasons to Hire a Construction Management Firm for Your Next Project

Four Crucial Reasons to Hire a Construction Management Firm for Your Next ProjectLarge scale construction projects, like a multi-family residential development, commercial office building, or a hotel and hospitality project require a high level of management expertise to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget. This is no small feat, even for the most successful developers. What would you say if we told you that hiring a construction management firm, like Green Field Construction Group, can be one of the best decisions you can make. In fact, here are four crucial reasons to hire a construction management firm for your next project.

#1 Pre-Construction Services

A true construction management firm shouldn’t start the project when the digging begins. They should be on board long before the first shovel hits the ground. Green Field Construction provides its clients with an array of pre-construction services that can help the developer properly plan for all aspects of the project. For instance, a thorough review of the drawings, specifications, site conditions, associated shop drawings, and building rules and regulations will troubleshoot problems before they become an issue. Things like trade requisitions, ordering of bid packages, budgeting, value engineering, pre-purchasing of long-term items, and project coordination are essential to ensure all aspects of the project are discussed, planned, and accounted for prior to construction. Pre-construction services are critical to keeping a project successfully moving toward completion.

#2 Dedicated Project Team

Each project has a dedicated team to service the goals and needs of the project. This team usually consists of an Account Executive, Senior Project Manager, Site Superintendent, Assistant Project Manager, Project Accountant, and on site laborers. Each position will fulfill certain roles and tracking services to manage the overall project completion. With a project schedule control and strategic coordination of all trades, the senior staff and project team determine the most efficient trade specific schedule. The project team will track target completion dates and include long lead tracking of things like furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Trade coordination will be managed through the field staff along with project progression. In addition, weekly client meetings with the project team are an invaluable benefit a construction management firm should provide.

#3 Site Safety Management

As a construction management firm, making sure the construction site staff are following safety requirements can be challenging. Green Field Construction’s staff are all OSHA certified and include a designated site safety manager. All Subcontractors and field supervisors are required to provide safety training verification cards and attend and/or host weekly site safety meetings namely, “Tool Box Talks”. This ensures that your project is not only being completed on time and on budget, but also is the safest way possible for the site crew.

#4 Accounting Services

Just as important as the actual building, the accounting for any project can quickly become a runaway train if not managed properly. Your construction management firm should have a solid handle on any and all accounting processes. Green Field Construction’s accounting team manages all project costs and requisitions. Soft and hard records of all project related transactions for all of their client’s construction projects are kept. In addition, the project accountant will track and update field progress into a form of percentage completion for monthly requisitions. Every requisition is verified with the Account Executive and Project Accountant to keep billing current and precise. Lien waivers will also be managed for record of payment.

The path to the completion date of any large-scale construction project is a journey that requires expertise, a dedicated and experienced team, and true grit. A construction management firm provides all of these ingredients to make any project successful. Green Field Construction Group has vast experience in managing a variety of high profile projects in the residential, hospitality, and commercial industries for some of the most distinguished builders and development firms in the industry. We would love the opportunity to discuss your next project. For more information on our construction services or to schedule a review of your next project, please contact us.

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