Three Major Benefits to Value Engineering During the Pre-Construction PhaseAccording to Wikipedia, Value Engineering is a systematic method to improve the “value” of goods or products and services by using an examination of function. The value of any project equates to function divided by cost. In the world of construction, this means to maximize your projects function while minimizing costs. There are several benefits to value engineering, but we’ve identified three major benefits during the pre-construction phase.

Cost Reduction

Through an intensive review of the plans and specifications of the construction project, our team of professionals will thoroughly review the drawings, specifications, site conditions, shop drawings, and building rules and regulations. This review allows for team input to identify items with long lead times to ensure orders are placed at the appropriate time. A complete cost analysis of materials is performed to ensure the highest quality, most cost-effective products are specified for construction of the project. Plans are scrutinized by construction supervisors and project managers to ensure all clarifications are made prior to groundbreaking. Once the plans and specifications are finalized, bid packages are organized, trades are vetted, and the budgeting process is completed. By reducing costs, improving and clarifying all plans, and finalizing budgets, the project can be maximized and costs can be minimized.


Within every construction project, there are challenges in the field that need to be addressed. Some of these are unavoidable; however, many of these construction disrupters can be identified and addressed during the plan review phase. With the time and energy savings created by troubleshooting prior to construction and solving problems before they happen in the field, we avoid costly construction slow-downs. For instance, long lead items are identified and ordered in accordance with the projected schedule, thereby avoiding lengthy waiting periods that tend to hold up progress on the project. By troubleshooting all aspects of the project before and during construction, the developer benefits with on-time, on-budget project delivery.

Overall Project Satisfaction

For Green Field Construction, project satisfaction matters on each and every construction project. This not only applies to the developer or client for whom we are building the project, but for project satisfaction including end-users, whether they are homeowners, tenants, or the general public. In addition, the long-term operational budget of the development can affect overall project satisfaction. Recommending products and specifications which provide the developer less costly maintenance over time is an important benefit to Value Engineering. It affects the overall project satisfaction long after completion.

By incorporating several pre-construction methods to produce the most effective solutions, Green Field Construction’s Value Engineering process identifies costly items, undefined items, and where our clients can realize potential construction savings. All solutions are presented alternates to review along with detailed description of included work and samples of products, when necessary. Value Engineering is a critical service for all projects and an integral part of the successful projects we have constructed. For more information on our construction management services, please contact Green Field Construction today.


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