Construction Services

Our clients benefit from the following Construction Services:

Project Management Team

Green Field will devise a handpicked team to service the project goals and needs. This team will incorporate an Account Executive, Senior Project Manager, Site Superintendent, Assistant Project Manager, Project Accountant, and on site laborers. Each position will fulfill certain roles and tracking services to manage the overall project completion.

Project Schedule Control and Coordination of all Trades

The senior staff will review plans and specifications along with project long lead items to contrive the most efficient schedule. This schedule will be trade specific and not only will track target completion dates but will also include long lead tracking and furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Trade coordination will be managed through the field staff along with project progression.

Site Safety Management

Green Field’s staff are all OSHA certified and will provide a designated site safety manager. All Subcontractors and field supervisors will be required to provide safety training verification cards and attend and or host weekly site safety meetings namely, “Tool Box Talks”.

Document Control

Green Field will manage all Project Documents from beginning to completion and for all Trades. This will include:

  • Drawings, Bulletins, Sketches, and Shop Drawings

  • Permit Applications and Renewal

  • Project Schedule

  • Submittals, Requests for Information, Requests for Proposal

  • Requests for Change, Change Orders

  • Meeting Agenda and Meeting Minutes

  • Site Safety Meetings

  • Certificates of Insurance

  • Requisitions and Lien Waivers

  • Project Directory

Weekly Meetings

Weekly project meetings will be held on site, our offices, or the most convenient location for the client. These meetings are held to establish communication of progress, concerns, and any relative updates. The Assistant Project Manager will record, update, and distribute all meeting documents.


Green Field’s accounting team will manage all project costs and keep soft and hard records of all project related transactions.


The Project Accountant will track and update field progress into a form of percentage completion for monthly requisitions. Every requisition is verified with the Account Executive and Project Accountant to keep billing current and precise. Lien waivers will also be managed for record of payment.