Pre-Construction Services

Our clients benefit from the following Pre-Construction Services:

Three Major Benefits to Value Engineering During the Pre-Construction Phase
Review Plans & Specifications

Under this service, Green Field Construction will thoroughly review drawings, specifications, site conditions, associated shop drawings, and building rules and regulations.

Trade Requisitions
A project specific bid package  will be developed and managed  by Green Field. This package will include: qualifications, clarifications,  and schedule needs. This process  contributes to a successful  communication between Green Field and its Subcontractors, verifies trade buy outs, and minimizing costly  clarifications prior to awarding  the project. 
Organization of Bid Packages

Bid packages are outlined by trade. This service will include: vetting of Subcontractor Trades, Hosting Walk-Throughs as needed, responding to Requests for Information, and maintaining Certificates of Insurance for all trades.


Green Field Construction will work through project planning by performing comprehensive breakdowns based on current plans and provide allowances for areas that are unclear or undeveloped. This service allows Ownership and Architect to target open areas and allows for Green Field to provide alternative building materials or methods to achieve the project. This process will be repeated as needed.

Value Engineering

A process by which Green Field will incorporate other Pre-construction methods to produce the most effective solutions. After Green Field completes the above phases, costly items, undefined items, and others are identified to show potential construction savings. All solutions will be presented as an alternate to review along with a detailed description of included works and sample of the product if necessary. Value Engineering is a very useful service for all projects and is most successful during Pre-construction Phases.

Pre-Purchasing of Long Lead Items

Green Field will outline any long lead items to coincide with projected schedule and take appropriate actions necessary to expedite delivery of any- and- all materials.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

Green Field offers a specialty service to manage all or limited production, shipping, and delivery. Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment, typically secured and managed by ownership is where Green Field surpasses the “typical” Construction Manager or General Contractor. Green Field works to service their client’s needs.

Project Coordination

During the Pre-construction Phase, Green Field will assign a project specific team to manage all aspects of completion. The team will service all needs including: budgets, schedule, project progress, document control, site safety management, and host weekly meetings.